Nekton E - Bird Breeding SupplementVitamin E supplement for pets as aid to good health and increased fertility
NEKTON-E contains a high percentage of vitamin E-tocopherolacetate and is to be used with other NEKTON products as required.

NEKTON-E is absolutely essential for helping build up and preserve the supporting tissues.

Vitamin E has a far-reaching effect on the whole metabolism and acts as a stabilizer on other vitamins. A lack of vitamin E causes muscular dystrophy, which can befall the whole muscular framework, heart muscle and stomach muscle. Animals fed on foodstuffs poor in vitamin E are also susceptible to all kinds of infectious diseases.

NEKTON-E is particularly interesting for bird breeders because it encourages the breeding instinct. Its effect on the reproductive organs and sex hormones is highly important. Lack of vitamin E results in animals disinterested in breeding and in some cases sterile. In addition the vitamin reserves of female birds are very often not enough for the care of embryos or babies at the same time. By ensuring a rich supply of vitamin E for his birds before the laying period a breeder can look forward to larger clutches, fewer infertile eggs, better hatchability and a reduced number of deaths among embryos and young.

By purchasing NEKTON-E, the animal owner has a preparation that has proved itself time and time again with numerous breeders over the past years.

NEKTON-E should be given to animals regularly at least three weeks before the breeding period begins. Please observe the following rules when breeding birds. When the female has laid the first egg and is brooding, cease doses of NEKTON-E as the brooding process may be disturbed by a too strong mating instinct in the male. NEKTON-E is made up of a special E vitamin. It should always be given together with other vitamins.
Other NEKTON products such as NEKTON-S are at your disposal for this purpose. For the ideal combination use them before and after breeding to maintain health, as well as in conjunction with NEKTON-E during breeding.

NEKTON-E in water-dispersible powder form provides the breeder with the perfect form of administration. Just add NEKTONE either to the bird's soft food or drinking water.

When the NEKTON-E powder is added to cold drinking water it forms a clouded, milky solution. Any thin, slippery deposit that may form on the bottom is only the carrier substance settling there. The vitamins are completely dissolved.

The enclosed measuring spoon will hold 1g = 1/4 teaspoon, meaning 1 spoonful NEKTON-E to approx.1/2 pint water. Please note: 1 cup = 1/2 pint.
If you have only one or two birds, pierce a small hole in the seal and shake a little into the drinking water or over the feed. Any differences in the dosage through this method have no negative effect. On the contrary, they can activate the organism's metabolic processes better this way.

Nekton E 70g

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