Central Florida, USA

We specialize in breeding High Quality Exotic Birds. Avian Experts with over 20+ years experience keeping, breeding and selling pet exotic birds.


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We have many years of exotic bird breeding experience. It is my main goal through this website to make beautiful exotic birds accessible to the general public. Throughout the years, we have experienced the most rewarding hobby anyone could have. Currently, we house well over 1,000  exotic birds in our combined aviaries. In order to offer the most healthy birds possible, we operate a closed aviary. No visiting allowed for the health and safety of our birds however, please take a look at our photo gallery to take a virtual tour of our aviaries. Also, please send us an email if you have any questions we can answer. We love talking to birds... and other humans as well. We hope you enjoy the site and please don't forget to LIKE our Facebook page to keep in touch.