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  • Who is CP Birds?
    CP Birds started as a hobby back in 1998. Charlie Plaza, at the age of 14, started his collection of birds in the USA. He purchased his first pet bird, an Indian Ringneck Parakeet from a pet store named Critter's Corner in Casselberry, FL for $175. This is where he met the pet store manager, Jeff, who introduced Charlie to the bird breeder who hatched his pet ringneck. Charlie, as a young kid started working for the bird breeder cleaning cages and assisting her in the labor of breeding birds. Charlie quickly developed a passion for birds as he saw the joy that pet birds can bring to people. Charlie followed his passion for birds and started his long lasting carreer in the pet industry running two of the largest, most successful pet specialty stores know today as Pet Supermarket and Petsmart. What once started as a hobby, CP Birds has become a well known national name in the aviculture community making hand fed, friendly birds more accessible to pet owners.
  • Does CP Birds have a physical location?
    CP Birds is an Online Store Only. For the security and health of our birds, CP Birds operates a closed aviary. No visitors allowed however, if you would prefer to choose your bird, you can visit us at any of our public events that we hold throughout the year. To view the date and location of our next public event, visit our EVENTS page.
  • How do I contact CP Birds?
    We are an online store only however, we have customer support available by appointment only. Please use the CONTACT US form on our website to schedule a time for a returned call. Please allow us 1-2 business days to return your call. Please note: If you make a purchase on our website, you will be provided with our business telephone number to text or call us immediately if there is an emergency with your new baby bird.
  • Who does CP Birds adopt birds to?
    CP Birds is recognized as a leading exotic bird shop for pet owners. We specialize in raising exotic pet birds that are friendly and sociable and making them accessible to the average person who wants to enjoy a life long, enjoyable pet bird companion to their home.
  • Where is CP Birds located & can I pick up my bird locally?
    CP Birds is located in Longwood, FL which is in Central Florida within vecinity of Orlando. We operate a closed aviary however, a CP Birds representative can meet you at a public place to deliver your new pet bird. You must first make your purchase at our website, then send an email to with your order number and ask for local pick up instructions. We will then work out a date and time that is convenient for you. Please note: For safety reasons purchase must be made online to eliminate a cash transaction at a public place.
  • Are all of your birds hand fed and friendly?
    We hand feed all of our babies. However, we sometimes offer birds that are not tame. Please read the description on each bird for the details on that specific bird you are looking to purchase. Of course, if you have any additional questions, use the CONTACT US form to get in touch with us.
  • How does shipping a live bird work?
    Throughout the years, we have perfected the way we ship birds to make it a lot safer for the companion pet. We only ship same day or overnight delivery. Although delays that are out of our control can happen in shipping, we take precautions to ensure the bird is comfortable with enough food and water in the bio secured shipping container to last at least 3 days.
  • What shipping methods does CP Birds offer?
    We have three shipping methods that we offer. 1. Dry Goods 3 day shipping which is any product that we sell (not live animals) 2. Saturday Only Same Day Delivery to your nearest airport (Live Birds Only) 3. Overnight Delivery directly to your home (Live Birds Only) The cost of shipping will be calculated during the check out process at our online store.
  • What is CP Birds Warranty and Refund Policy?
    CP Birds guarantees the bird will arrive alive and healthy. In the very unlikely event that the bird passes away while in transit, we will request a video of the deceased bird to be sent to us and we will replace the bird at no cost. If you suspect the bird arrived ill, we ask that you immediately take the bird to a licensed avian veterinarian within 24 hours to be examined. In the rare and unlikely event that the avian vet documents that the bird is not healthy, we will replace the bird at no cost to you. Veterinarian documentation will be required. A refund or cancellation of an order can be requested at any time until 48 hours prior to the order being shipped by texting 321-217-9455 AND Emailing The order is not cancelled until you receive confirmation from CP Birds that the order has been cacelled. Note: CP Birds does not guarantee any baby birds sold during the hand feeding stage or any bird considered as a "rescue" bird. This will be agreed to, in writing, between CP Birds and the new pet owner at the time of purchase.
  • I want to hand feed my own baby. Can you help?
    CP Birds will sell baby birds that are being hand fed to experienced hand feeders only. We will guide you through the process and if we feel confident that you can handle a baby bird during this delicate time of its life, we will allow you to take the baby home. Baby birds are extremely delicate when they are being hand fed and it is for this reason that we do not guarrantee any baby birds sold during the hand feeding stage. Note: We have the right to refuse to sell a baby bird that is not eating on its own (weaned) for any reasons.
  • Can CP Birds guarantee the sex of my bird?
    Yes. CP Birds can guarantee the sex of your bird as long as you purchase a DNA test kit prior to us shipping your bird. The DNA blood test results will be available within 7-14 business days after your DNA test kit purchase. A DNA gender certificate will be made available to you once we receive it from the laboratory. Note: Due to Covid-19 retraints; DNA results may be delayed 30 days or longer.
  • Does CP Birds offer a lay-a-way or financing plans?
    CP Birds does not offer lay-a-way or financing plans at this time.
  • Does CP Birds sell to pet stores?
    Yes. CP Birds sells some birds to local pet stores however, due to the high demand of our birds, we are not accepting any more wholesale accounts at this time.
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