top of page Mission is a premier online hub for bird lovers aiming to welcome a new feathered friend into their home. With a focus on exotic birds, the site features hand-fed, tamed, and socialized baby parrots, presenting a wide array of colorful and friendly small to medium sized birds like Conures, Cockatiels and Quakers. The site also offers baby parrots for the more experienced bird owner such as African greys, Macaws and more. Each bird at is pictured with a brief description, allowing customers to select their ideal pet companion and make the best decision possible. offers exclusive discounts which makes them a go-to source for high-quality birds and bird products at competitive prices. The site also promotes engagement by sharing new birds and great info on their social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, offers free educational resources, articles, pet care tips and bird breeding tricks that serves both experienced aviculturists and new bird owners alike. In short, delivers great service and expertise knowledge in the field of avian care while supplying baby birds to customers all across the United States of America.


Who we are

Hello, I'm Charlie Plaza, and a big birdy welcome to my page! hatched from my quest for a bird-brained, I mean, bird-savvy online haven that's as clear as a parrot's squawk, honest as a dove, and sharp as an eagle when it comes to aviculture. Tired of the cuckoo misinformation out there, I decided to spread my wings – not just to breed top-notch feathered friends but also to school newbies, support fellow bird enthusiasts, and chirp loudly for our beaked buddies. From tweeting wisdom at bird gatherings to ruffling feathers in the legal nest for better aviculture laws, my bird love is as steadfast as a penguin's waddle.

Let's flock together on this exciting journey of bird-loving and aviculture! Welcome to my nest—err, page! I'm here to sprinkle some feathered fun into your life and help strengthen that special bond you share with your winged companions.

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My Story

When I was 14 years old, my mother brought me to Orlando, FL from Ponce, Puerto Rico and that is when my journey began in Aviculture. 

It all started as a hobby in 1998, and now, over 25 years later, it has become a trusted national brand! We offer pet birds to the public through online platforms and in person bird events. Most of our birds are bred and raised in our very own Orlando, Florida home. As a licensed and certified Avian Breeder, we cater to a diverse clientele, including individual pet owners, national zoos, pet stores across the United States, and bird botanical gardens, all seeking the quality birds that is known for.

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