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Guide to "Buying" Parrot Fertile Eggs Online

By Charlie Plaza,

Fertile parrot eggs are highly sought after, with thousands seeking to purchase them daily. A simple Google search reveals numerous ads, websites, and posts on the subject. Yet, it's crucial to recognize that parrots are not like chickens that lay eggs daily. If that were so, parrots would be as common and affordable as chickens. This article will discuss purchasing parrot eggs online. Please ensure you read entire article!

African Gray Parrot Fertile Eggs For Sale
African Grey Parrot

The phrase "African Grey Parrot Eggs For Sale" ranks among the top searches for parrot eggs on Google. A report from the search engine optimization company indicates that this keyword, along with related terms, is searched for more than 2,000 times a month in the USA alone. This suggests that daily, more than 67 individuals in the United States are seeking to purchase "Parrot Fertile Eggs" online.

Parrot eggs for sale
Cockatiel on eggs

Let's take a brief look at the efforts of parrot breeding and why hatching eggs are in such popular demand.

Parrots are an exotic and captivating choice for a pet, with their vibrant colors and ability to mimic human speech contributing to their high demand and cost. The difficulty in breeding parrots exacerbates the supply and demand issue. Consequently, a more economical "alternative" to the steep price of acquiring a baby parrot is to purchase fertile parrot eggs and incubate them at home. This is the reason many individuals opt for this method as a means to reduce the costs associated with acquiring a baby parrot by incubating the eggs at home... or is it really?

Fertile Bird Eggs For Sale
Parrot Eggs often displayed on a Parrot Eggs For Sale Ad

The challenge with parrots is that they may lay only two eggs per clutch, once or twice a year, without assurance of fertility or hatching. In contrast to chickens, parrots have a specific breeding season during which they lay eggs, nurture, and raise their young. While baby chickens are self-sufficient from hatching, parrot chicks rely on their parents for nourishment for months, if not years, until they achieve independence. Consequently, successfully hatching an egg and raising a parrot chick at home is quite demanding.

Bird and parrot breeders invest thousands of dollars in their breeding stock, dedicate countless hours to working with their birds, and allocate even more resources to ensure their birds are healthy and content before they breed, lay eggs, incubate them, hatch their young, and eventually, wean them from the nest. Typically, breeders remove the young chicks from the nest at a very young age and hand-feed them before their eyes have even opened. This process fosters a bond between the chick and humans, resulting in an exceptionally friendly pet parrot.

All this to say that reputable breeders will never sell parrot hatching eggs online. If you find a breeder in the United States of America selling hatching parrot eggs online, it is absolutely, without hesitation, a scam. Period.

Now that I have killed the elephant in the room, I would like to take a look at a few other topics around the Hatching, Fertile Parrot Eggs Scam.

For my research, as I was writing this article, I conducted a simple Google search and discovered several advertisements, including paid or "sponsored" ones that I wish to display here. Upon closer inspection, it's evident that advertisers employ tactics to present themselves as legitimate businesses. For instance:

Fertile Eggs Cockatoo Macaw and African Grey
Scam Parrot Eggs For Sale Ad on Google
  1. Incorporating keywords into a business name, such as 'Parrot Farm', 'Exotic Parrots', or 'Quality Eggs', can significantly enhance visibility and searchability for a company.

  2. Reviews have been incorporated into the advertisement. Five-star reviews with comments tend to increase buyer comfort. Although these reviews are fabricated, they enhance the advertisement's appeal and people are more likely to "buy".

  3. The advertisement has been enhanced with valuable information. For instance, it states that the eggs should hatch in 18 days; however, African Grey eggs actually take 28 days to hatch—a fact not commonly known by the average consumer. The ad appears credible, informative, and engaging.

Fertilized parrot eggs for sale
Search Recommendations given by Google that will result in a scamming website to be displayed

4. Google provides a list of various outlets, more search options, and may suggest websites that have not been verified as legitimate.

5. Websites often provide instructions on how to hatch eggs, care for chicks, and even create a sustainable, cash- generating business that can support your livelihood. This adds to the emotional power that clouds people's perception and judgement.

African Grey Parrot Eggs For Sale with 5 star reviews
An advertisement ad for African Grey Eggs for Sale on Google displaying fake reviews to entice customers to "buy"

In conclusion, purchasing parrot eggs online is a complete scam that the public needs to be aware of. I often receive inquiries from people who wish to buy hatching eggs online and ask if I sell them. My response is always a no. Despite this, they persist, and some even become upset when they cannot buy eggs from me. Regrettably, numerous websites falsely advertise the sale of parrot eggs, making it all too easy to fall into the trap, send money, and end up defrauded. You should never send money to anyone for hatching or fertile parrot eggs.

I hope that by writing this article, I can prevent at least one person from sending money to a scammer for parrot eggs.

Parrot eggs for sale scam
African Grey Timney

If you have been a victim of this scam or were on the verge of sending money to a scammer before reading this article, please share your experience in the comments. Additionally, spreading the word about this article can help raise awareness of this fraudulent scheme. So, please share this as many times as possible to prevent another person from getting scammed.

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