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Dominant Red Yellow Sided Conure

July Sale

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On All Yellow Sided Conures

At, we are dedicated to providing hand-fed, hand-tamed, and socialized high-quality companion pet birds that integrate seamlessly into your family. No shortcuts, guaranteed.

Bird Events in Florida

Exotic Bird Events, Shows, Fairs and Expos are happening all over the State of Florida. 

Exotic Bird Articles

Discover more about exotic bird keeping, detailed information on specific bird species, parrot training techniques, bird breeding insights, product reviews, and much more. Our website is regularly updated with new articles.

Blue Indian Ringneck
Bird Products For Sale

Find quality bird products, cage accessories, Breeding Supplies and more that we use at for our own birds.

Get to Know Us is a premier online hub for bird lovers aiming to welcome a new feathered friend into their home. With a focus on exotic birds, the site features hand-fed, tamed, and socialized baby parrots, presenting a wide array of colorful and friendly small to medium sized birds like Conures, Cockatiels and Quakers....

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